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We celebrate with you as you plan your wedding with us at Immanuel Lutheran Church! Jesus affirmed the covenant of marriage and revealed God's self-giving love on the cross.  The Holy Spirit helps us to be living signs of God's grace, love, and faithfulness.  Marriage is a gift of God intended for mutual joy and strength, and for the well-being of the whole family and community.  You have been created in God's image, and God blesses the gift of companionship and the capacity to love.

Scheduling Your Wedding

Wedding Fees

When you have selected a date for your wedding, contact the church office to ensure availability for the pastor.  Then the pastor will contact you regarding your wedding date and location. The pastor may be available to perform a wedding ceremony off the church premises. Upon confirmation of being able to conduct the ceremony, the church office will provide you with the apporpriate forms. 

Please contact the church office for current fees.

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