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Immanuel Lutheran Church was founded in 1893 by 9-10 Norwegian families in search of Lutheran worship in their native language. The first church building was built in 1894 facing Grove Street on the same block the current church stands, with a dedication involving 3 services in 3 different languages. The second church was built in the 1930's to meet a growing demand for space for the growing congregation. The current church sanctuary was built in the 1950's, with the social hall addition added in the 1990's.


126 years since our founding, Immanuel Lutheran Church is a social center to our community, seeking to touch all we encounter with love and acceptance. We are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and belong to the La Crosse Area Synod. We partner with Sugar Creek Bible Camp across the river for youth and adult activities alike. We are "called and sent by God to serve, support, worship, and witness with the love of Jesus."







Pastor Steven Meyer

Since 2005

Grace Mikula, Office Manager

Karen Meiners, Custodian

Naomi Fruechte, Financial Secretery

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Called and sent by God to serve, support, worship and witness with the love of Jesus.


Located in the heart of Caledonia, Immanuel seeks to help those in need, outreach with our town and surrounding rural areas, and bring a small community of individuals together in one love of Christ.

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2022 Church Council

Casey Eslington, President

Curt Wiebke, Vice-President

Olivia Denney, Secretery

Deb Houdek, Treasurer

The Immanuel Lutheran Church Council meets generally on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm.

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