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Immanuel Lutheran Church welcomes you into the waters of batism. We believe that baptism is a gift for any age, infants to adults. When we are baptized, God forgives our sin and gives us life everlasting. Our faith begins at our baptism. Through baptism, God claims us as God’s own and welcomes us into God’s family.

Baptism Service

Each baptism service is created to fit the individual being baptized. For infant baptisms, the promise of the parents or guardians to raise the child in the faith is an important part of the baptismal service. 

Baptism Guidelines

The baptism form must be turned in to the office three weeks before the baptism. When we receive the form, we will e-mail you to verify that the information has been received.

The pastor will set a time to meet with the individual and their family and sponsors prior to the service to discuss the service and baptism intentions. 


Pictures and videos without a flash are permitted during the service. The pastors will also be happy to pose for pictures after the service.


On the morning of the baptism, please arrive 20 minutes before the service so that the pastors can review with you what will happen during the service.

Baptism Scheduling

Baptisms can happen at any Sunday church service. Private family baptisms may also be requested. Please inquire with the church office for available dates.

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